'Highlander 2': How One Of The Worst Sequels Ever Got The 'Snyder Cut' Treatment Years Before 'Justice League'

The "Highlander" franchise is a strange one, and it’s more than a little shocking that it even became a franchise. Even the original 1986 movie is, still today, more a cult classic than an actual classic, and the various sequels and spinoffs haven’t been much better received. However, while the series of films and TV have their high points, it doesn't get much lower than "Highlander 2: The Quickening." The first movie sequel was absolutely terrible, though one cannot entirely blame the cast or the crew for that, as they were all less involved in what the movie became than you might think. We’ve seen recent examples of what happens when a movie is taken out of the control of its director. "Zack Snyder’s Justice League" came after years of fans asking for the “Snyder Cut,” hoping to one day see the movie the director had actually intended to make before he was forced to step away. To this day, fans of the first Suicide Squad hope to eventually see the film that David Ayer intended to make. But before those movies, there was the story of "Highlander 2," a movie whose director lost control of it not to another director or even a studio, but to an insurance company, and how something like the movie it was supposed to be did eventually see the light of day.