A high school teacher is going viral for refusing to assign homework

A 27-year-old Texas high school teacher has made waves on TikTok for her decision to not assign any homework. On Aug. 31, Courtney White, who teaches English in Alvarado, shared a clip in which she is seen extending her hand as if she were meeting someone. A text overlay reads “You must be that teacher that doesn’t assign homework”. The TikTok has since received over 1.6 million views and nearly 15,000 comments. “Having no homework motivates me to actually do the classwork,” one person wrote. While most of the comments on White’s TikTok have been positive. a few users have questioned whether the teacher’s method of not handing out homework is actually effective at all. “My response to that is simple, homework does not have true benefits if it is not being done properly,” White told Today. “I have students that need additional support at home and if they don’t get their accommodations then the homework will not be beneficial for them”