‘So High School’ lyrics: Does Taylor Swift reference a 2016 Travis Kelce interview?

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Taylor Swift said “all is fair in love and poetry” when releasing “The Tortured Poets Department,” and the album’s 22nd track, “So High School,” certainly leans into the love part.

While so much of “Tortured Poets” is about heartbreak, “So High School” examines that giggly, adolescent kind of romance, transporting back to feeling like you’re 16 again.

The song has several references to staples of youth, like “I’m watching ‘American Pie’ with you on a Saturday night” and “Truth, dare, spin bottles” and “Touch me while your bros play ‘Grand Theft Auto.’”

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She also references a common teenage game, "marry, kiss or kill," a PG-version of the more explicit, "f---, marry, kill."

While the game fits with the overall theme of the song, some Swifties immediately connected the dots between the lyric and her current beau, Travis Kelce.

After their relationship made headlines, a 2016 interview with Kelce, tied to his reality show "Catching Kelce," resurfaced.

In the video posted by AfterBuzz TV, Kelce was asked to play "kill, marry, kiss," with the first three options being Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift or Katy Perry.

After some initial hesitation, the interviewer told him, "It's just a game."

"Just a game?... Ariana is kill, unfortunately... Taylor Swift would be the kiss... Katy Perry would be the marry," he answered.

If the reference is indeed pointed at Kelce, it makes her new lyrics all the more adorable: "It’s just a game but really / I’m bettin’ on all three for us two."

Read all the lyrics to “So High School” here:

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