Hideo Kojima says it will be "difficult" to adapt Death Stranding into a movie, but hits like Super Mario Bros. have given him hope

 Normal Reedus in Death Stranding.
Normal Reedus in Death Stranding.
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Hideo Kojima has spoken about the upcoming Death Stranding movie, admitting that it will be "quite difficult" to adapt his most recent work.

"It’s easier to adapt it into a TV series, like The Last of Us," Kojima said in the latest episode of HideoTube. "It’s quite difficult to adapt a 50-60 hour game like Death Stranding into a 2-3 hour movie." In the same interview, Kojima hinted that cuts would have to be made, adding, "the story of the game as is won’t fit into just two hours."

However, Kojima has noted that the tide is turning on video game movies – namechecking the billion-dollar grossing The Super Mario Bros. Movie as an example of adaptations that proved successful thanks to the creative teams behind the projects.

"In the past, film adaptations of video games always failed… But in the last 4-5 years, people who understand games have taken on the task of adapting it into a film or drama," Kojima explains. "Several hits have been made, like [The Super Mario Bros. Movie]. That’s the trend these days.”

It’s fair to say, though, that the Death Stranding movie – being produced in collaboration with A24 – will aim for industry credentials alongside box office success – if Kojima has his way, anyway.

"With A24, I want to make something that’s based on a game but also indie and artistic – something that can win awards at film festivals like Cannes, Venice or Sundance."

Other than that, it’s very early days for the project, including whether the game’s lead Norman Reedus will reprise his role as courier Sam Bridges-Porter.

"Nothing has been decided yet. We’re even still looking for a director," Kojima revealed.

Alongside Kojima’s cinematic aspirations with the Death Stranding movie, the legendary developer is also working on multiple projects: OD, a new horror game in collaboration with Xbox Games Studios; Death Stranding 2, and a new "action-espionage" title.

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