Hide Your Diamonds and Hide Your Exes! All of These Holiday Gifts Are a Little Bit Alexis

Chanel Vargas

What do you get the person who says they casually dated Prince Harry, has traveled all over the world, and has a wardrobe that would rival Elle Woods's? If you know a Schitt's Creek fan who's more than a little bit Alexis - in their style choices or in the way they express themselves - it can be difficult to get them a gift. After all, we can't all afford last-minute trips overseas to party with Somali princes.

Of course, there are bound to be a few items (clothes, jewelry, extravagant charms), that your Alexis Rose has their eye on. To help make the early holiday shopping a little easier on everyone, we've put together a list of Alexis-worthy gifts that were basically made to be shared on Instagram, including a Swarovski and amethyst phone grip and all of the other sparkling accessories (all under $45) a Rose would need to look glamorous for the holidays. Hold onto your credit card and check out the full list of holiday-approved Alexis Rose gifts here.


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