HGTV's Jonathan Scott Roasts Drew Over Super Small Sweater On Set: ‘You Should Be Carrying A Brandy Snifter Or Something’

 the property brothers on hgtv
the property brothers on hgtv

HGTV stars Jonathan and Drew Scott are currently hard at work on their Brother vs. Brother series, and apparently the competitive nature of that longtime show has led to a little Internet roasting. In fact, Jonathan Scott recently had a heyday with a fashion choice his twin made during filming, and he wouldn’t let it go – across multiple platforms even.

Turns out, if you want to tell a Property Brother apart, you need look no further than their fashion choices. This week, Jonathan Scott (the brother dating Zooey Deschanel) took to social media to share a look at his TV partner in crime and twin brother Drew. The picture may seem innocuous at first, but Jonathan had a hidden agenda in mind: calling out his brother for a too-tight sweater. Take a look.

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I mean, that’s a tight sweater. Fashionable, but is it practical? To his point, Drew Scott is supposedly is wearing a tiny sweater for the type of task he is expected to do on Brother vs. Brother: construction. Not to meet a client or do an interview, but to actually get work done. Sure, he wants to look good on TV, but Jonathan and it seems several of the crew agree the look may not be the best fit.

In fact, the tweet wasn’t the end of the roasting. Next, Jonathan – the eldest of the two Property Brothers by four minutes – posted a video to his Instagram Stories highlighting how the crew felt about said tight sweater. In the video, Jonathan asked everyone, “Does anyone feel that Drew's construction sweater is questionably small and tight?” Most of the crew raised their hands and agreed with Jonathan's hypothesis.

Except for this guy, who broke from the pack and was a defender of the tight sweater! Look at him, staunchly determined to not raise his hand!

Jonathan Scott and crew roast his brother's shirt choice.
Jonathan Scott and crew roast his brother's shirt choice.

The crew member defended himself in a funny exchange with the HGTV star, noting:

Random guy on team: "I think it’s great."

Jonathan Scott: "It’s horribly small! [Then to Drew] You should be carrying a brandy snifter or something."

What a roast. Plenty of fans also commented on Jonathan’s post with their own takes – a lot of them along the vein of “it’s a no from me.” As it turns out a slew of fans seem to agree with the Property Brothers star, and one of them even turned the jokey posts about Drew into a compliment for Jonathan.

Jonathan, I think Drew's sweater and a lot of his shirts are way too small for him! I love the outfits that you wear! You look fantastic!!!

Whoa, getting borderline thirsty, random fan. Another fan joked about the reality of doing construction on a TV show versus doing construction in real life.

Wonder how many construction workers turn up to work in clothes like this? Have to wear high vis where I live and steel cap boots/shoes & a helmet. I suppose that’s TV world for you hey.

Hey, reality TV never said it was real or even practical!

While the siblings have not always seen eye-to-eye on their work decisions (Drew for example hated the name Property Brothers initially), in general both brothers have a great relationship and even have a tendency to be sentimental human beings. Still, one thing I am excited for is more of this Scott-specific bantering when new episodes of Brother vs. Brother hit the TV schedule on Wednesday nights on HGTV. Season 8 just premiered earlier in January, so there should be plenty more where this came from.