HGTV 'White House Christmas' angers Trump supporters after referencing 'Trump haters' like Bush and Obama

HGTV aired the special White House Christmas 2020 on Sunday, featuring all the splendor of Melania Trump’s holiday designs. The annual special took a deep dive into the tradition and gave viewers a chance to marvel at the first lady’s “America the Beautiful”-themed decorations.

The special explained the message behind the motif for each room in the White House, while also showing the immense amount of work that goes into all the designs.

One of the most notable elements was the annual gingerbread White House, which has grown substantially under Melania’s direction. This year was the largest one ever made, and featured incredibly realistic gardens which were recently redesigned.

While this year’s White House decorations were the primary focus of the special, there was also mention of previous first ladies’ Christmas designs and themes. That did not sit well with several viewers who were expecting a Trump only Christmas.

Even though some viewers were quick to say, “Bah, humbug!” to the special, it did a great job showcasing the first lady’s lovely holiday theme. Christmas decorations and celebrations, if nothing else, are about traditions. And you can’t have traditions without honoring those who have come before you and set the precedent.

White House Christmas 2020 aired Sunday at 5 p.m on HGTV.

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