HGTV Star Taniya Nayak Opens Up about the New Season of 'Battle on the Beach'

HGTV Star Taniya Nayak Opens Up about the New Season of 'Battle on the Beach'
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Battle on the Beach is returning to HGTV for its fourth season, and the competition series promises to be bigger and better. This year, three teams have the tall order of updating similar four-bedroom, two-bathroom beach houses in hopes of taking home a $50,000 cash prize.

Mentors and HGTV stars Taniya Nayak (Build It Forward), Ty Pennington (Rock the Block), and Alison Victoria (Windy City Rehab) are on hand to provide guidance, while Bryan and Sarah Baeumler (Renovation Island) return to judge.

We sat down with Taniya to get the inside scoop on the new season.

On reuniting with her costars

The mentors are competitive, but, Taniya explains, "We are the best of friends." After working closely together on Battle on the Mountain and Battle on the Beach, she says, "We're ridiculous together in the best way possible. It is genuine, genuine friendship, and I really think it conveys on camera."

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She continues, "Ty is the brother. I had never met Alison, and on day one, we hung out together, and we immediately became best friends. She and I spent a lot of time outside of the show.

"And even though all three of us are super, super competitive, none of us talks about what we're doing in the houses off-camera. We keep it a big secret because we're so competitive. But then whoever wins, we're so happy for that person and for their team."

On the spirit of competition

Competition-based home renovation shows like Rock the Block and Battle on the Beach have been ratings hits for HGTV. Taniya says of the format's popularity: "I think it's a multi-layer effect of so many different things. These competition shows have various talents from different shows. So, if you have a favorite that you're rooting for, you're rooting for them because maybe you are a fan of their show."

She explains that the competition aspect allows the audience to become the critics. She says, "When we're watching, we're all judges, right? We're all the critics. We watch the show, we're like, 'Oh, I love that or I can't believe they didn't win.' Everybody has their opinion."

Battle on the Beach has a relatability factor because the renovators are everyday people. Taniya says, "It's so relatable that you're watching and going, wow, they're redoing an entire house in six weeks. It seems unimaginable and it kind of almost is. They have the same pressure and struggles that anyone else would have."

On the challenges of being a mentor

For season 4, Taniya teams up with married couple Samantha and Sean Kilgore of Richmond, Michigan. Working with amateur renovators comes with its challenges. Taniya says, "We come in as experts. We not only understand what it takes to renovate a home, we also understand how to do it timely on a budget that they make it look great for television."

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"So I think the frustrating part that happens or the challenging part is that we'll guide them and they don't listen a lot. All we can do is impart our wisdom. So you have to know when to let go." She explains, "I'm a super-fast decision maker so I feel confident in those skills that I know that I can make it work. But I'm a nurturer. I want to guide people with encouragement and love."

On the judging process

Sarah and Bryan Bauemler return for the third time to serve as judges. The design duo has been on the other side of the competition process with appearances on Rock the Block, and the judging process has been divisive among some viewers in the past.

Taniya says the couple "could not be sweeter." She continues, "They are really the perfect judges, and I feel bad that they get a lot of heat sometimes on social media. But it's not easy being a judge, and I feel like Sarah a beautiful eye for design and Brian has such a keen eye for workmanship, and they really make for great judges."

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Season 4 of Battle on the Beach premieres with a two-hour episode on Monday, June 3, at 9 p.m. ET/PT, and new episodes will also be available to stream each Monday on Max.

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