HFT's latest production underway

Sep. 16—fayetteville

The Historic Fayette Theater debuted its latest production "The Hitchin' Post" on Sept. 15, but there are still several more opportunities to catch the play.

Cindy Pino White, who is co-directing the play with Katie Neil, calls the production "super funny (with) a great cast."

Included in that cast are some first-time performers on the HFT stages.

The cast for The Hitchin'

Post is as follows:

—Hurley Squonk — Dwight Neil

—Pinch Burdett — Will Weatherford

—Purdy MacKendrick — Madison Farrish

—Lyge Daugerfield — Logan Kidd

—Mrs. Bastrop — Vicki Cook

—Sheriff Bumgarden — John Davis

—Gloria Pinkham — Brianna Scott

—Roy — Nathan Bloomfield

—Earl — Chad Lagos

—Trudy — Tara Neil

—Elmira Daugerfield — Joanna Murray

As part of the community support involved in making the theater and its productions a success, individuals such as designer veteran Paul Contin continually offer contributions to set and costume design and subsequent construction.

Contin is serving as production designer for the current HFT play. He has been working in theater since 1960 and began his Historic Fayette Theater collaborations in the early 1990s with a Gene Worthington-led production.

Contin has contributed his expertise to roughly 30 HFT shows over the years, as well as tackling two acting roles.

He said his favorite work with the local theater company has been "Captain Bree and her Lady Pirates," performed in 2018.

"I love it; this is my life," said Contin, an Oak Hill resident.

"I always call Paul over to kind of give me some vision, because that's where I struggle," said White. "I'm a great worker bee, but I'd like somebody else (to offer input)."

For more information on the current Historic Fayette Theater production, or to get involved in future plays or make a donation, visit fayettetheater.com or www.facebook.com/HistoricFayetteTheater/, email contact@fayettetheater.com, call 304-574-4655 or contact a board member.