Hey, Mama! 13 best rap lyrics about mothers

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A child’s love for their mother runs deep, which is why it's no surprise that there are so many fiery rap songs and lyrics about moms. We wouldn’t exist without them, so of course they deserve all the recognition and acknowledgment — and what better way than through a heartfelt song?

Though the child-mother relationship isn't always easy, it is one to be respected, cherished and handled with TLC. Through their lyrics, rappers often pay homage to the sacrifices, guidance and unwavering support that mothers provide, encapsulating the complexities and depth of this unique bond.

Check out 13 of the best rap lyrics about mothers below.

In a moving ode to his mother, Afeni Shakur, 2Pac raps about navigating all their hardships together — including her battle with addiction. This famous line in “Dear Mama" perfectly captures 2Pac’s feelings about his mother, even in the face of their issues. He portrays her as a ray of strength in the face of misfortune by highlighting her sacrifices and resilience with an unvarnished honesty.

Kanye West preserves his unbreakable bond with his mother, Donda West, in this heartfelt tribute. "Hey Mama" stands as a poignant acknowledgment of all the trials they endured together, including moments of heartbreak and struggle. In the song’s lyrics, West passionately describes seeing his mom’s suffering and expresses a dedication to relieving her of any burden.

“Soundtrack 2 My Life,” is a testament to the strong connection between a mother and child, and how it can withstand any adversity. In this track, Kid Cudi offers a glimpse into the troubles his mother faced, especially during Christmas time. He expresses his gratitude and amazement at how she managed to provide him with everything he wanted despite their circumstances. These lyrics showcase her strength and resilience as she worked tirelessly to make ends meet and provide for him.

Drake expresses his deep love for his mother in “Look What You've Done,” and acknowledges their hardships before fortune and fame. Despite their simplicity, these lyrics convey a deep emotional meaning about the relationship between mother and child. They serve as a reminder that a mother's love never wavers, and that ultimately, it's the two of them against the world.

From Kendrick Lamar's eponymous 2009 debut EP, “Wanna Be Heard” is a powerful representation of the perseverance and determination that drives many artists to chase their dreams. These lyrics highlight the sacrifices that Lamar’s mother made for him on his journey to stardom. Her level of selflessness reminds us that family support is an essential element in achieving our goals.

In this track, JAY-Z opens up about his mother, Gloria Carter, coming out to him as a lesbian. The New York rapper reveals his earnest wish for her to maintain her joy despite facing societal scrutiny and condemnation for her sexuality. Expressing his love and support, he encourages her to ignore any hate with the same indifference as when Marie Antoinette allegedly said, “Let them eat cake” regarding the peasants of 18th-century France.

The lyrics to "Cleanin’ Out My Closet" paint a moving picture of Eminem’s complex mother-son relationship, rife with regret and a desire for reconciliation. The act of “cleaning out my closet” represents the rapper’s attempt to confront his past and find closure. The “Lose Yourself” hitmaker expresses a genuine regret for the pain he's caused his mom. Despite the tumultuous emotions, there is an underlying sense of longing for forgiveness and understanding.

"Smile Mama, Smile" by Rick Ross captures an important turning point in his relationship with his mother, marked by a life-changing realization and her unwavering support. These lyrics focus on a moment when Ross — possibly after a period of struggle or self-destructive behavior — realizes how the consequences of his actions have affected his matriarch. Her guidance and concern for her son's well-being demonstrate her unconditional love and dedication to her son’s health and happiness.

In these touching lyrics, Mac Miller vividly depicts his relationship with his mother, encapsulating a deep connection based on loyalty and unconditional love. With tender reassurance, Miller’s mom instilled in him the belief that the world was his oyster, affirming his ability to accomplish anything he set his mind to. Despite their physical distance, she stood as a steadfast beacon of strength and guidance for him through life's storms and sunshine.

21 Savage thoughtfully considers the profound impact of his mother's unchanging strength and sacrifice in these emotionally charged lyrics from "letter 2 my momma." She taught him the invaluable lesson of resilience and determination. Despite financial limitations, she prioritized his well-being above all else.

"Anxiety" captures a daughter's remorse and longing for her mother's forgiveness, even in her absence. Megan Thee Stallion expresses a burning desire to communicate with her deceased mom. In these lyrics, Megan recognizes her past mistakes and reflects on the missed opportunities to follow her mother's advice. With regret for her negligent actions, the Texas rapper demonstrates a deep sense of self-analysis and progression. These lyrics emphasize an enduring mother-daughter bond that transcends earthly existence, and Megan’s heartfelt desire to make amends and honor her mother’s memory.

In "All Things Go," Nicki Minaj reveals her profound love and longing for a better relationship with her mother. Minaj passionately verbalizes the unalterable love and respect she has for the woman who birthed her. The willingness to sacrifice everything to restore their relationship speaks volumes about Minaj's deep regret for any past disputes. These lyrics highlight her sincere wish to treasure and mend the bond between them.

The lyrics to 2 Chainz's "PROUD" are a raw depiction of the intertwined lives and experiences of a son and his mother, especially in the face of adversity. These lyrics demonstrate 21 Savage and his mom’s closeness and shared struggles, emphasizing their bond in navigating difficult circumstances. The discovery that they were both in legal trouble at the same time exhibits their unity and loyalty to one another. “PROUD” effortlessly captures the deep sense of solidarity and resilience that can be found between mother and son.