My Hero Academia (MHA): Does Deku Win Against Todoroki?

My Hero Academia (MHA): Does Deku Win Against Todoroki?
Deku and Todoroki in My Hero Academia (Photo Credit: Studio Bones)

My Hero Academia has been turning heads with its new season and the manga’s epilogue. It is safe to say that Kohei Horikoshi’s popular series has delivered on all fronts. Though Deku is the titular protagonist of My Hero Academia, it isn’t without his numerous rivals. Among these rivals, Shoto Todoroki makes an interesting claim as the strongest hero in Class 1-A. Not only has Todoroki bested Deku previously, but he is also the most popular character in the fanbase. But despite his previous victory, the argument remains: would Deku win against Todoroki?

Deku vs. Todoroki: Who wins?

My Hero Academia
Deku in My Hero Academia (Photo Credit: Kohei Horikoshi via Shueisha)

While Todoroki had won their previous exchange with relative ease, the Deku he fought then is miles off from the Deku he is today. In this series, Todoroki’s dual elemental abilities would give any character a run for their money. However, Deku can beat him in terms of quirks and versatility. Deku is the stronger hero, and his range of abilities and battleIQ put him far ahead of Todoroki.

Even in their previous clash, Deku prioritized getting Todoroki to use his fire quirk rather than securing the victory. The clash between the two was a testament to the kind of hero Deku was aiming to be. Deku was just starting to really get the hang of One for All, as he broke several bones while attacking his opponent.

While Todoroki has fought some strong opponents, Deku has had to contend with some of the greatest villains in the series. His battle against Overhaul alone placed him miles above his entire class. However, his clash against AFO/Shigaraki unveiled his potential as the strongest hero in the series. Todoroki is by no means a weak character, but it is just a testament to how strong the present Deku is. Thus, it is safe to say that Deku would win against not just Todoroki but practically any hero in the series.

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