My Hero Academia: Best Fights, Ranked

My Hero Academia: Deku's Quirks
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My Hero Academia is a series that has stood at the pinnacle of modern shonen anime for several years now. Watching the story of Deku on his journey to be the number-one Hero has been a joy to watch for many fans out there.

The My Hero Academia series has also been responsible for some of the best fights in anime history. Even giving DC and Marvel a run for their money in terms of comic hero fights. This speaks to the ability of legendary mangaka Kohei Horikoshi’s incredible knack for storytelling. With the recent success of season 6 and the hype surrounding the upcoming season 7. It feels like the perfect time to recap some of the best fights from the My Hero Academia anime.

Mirko Vs High-End Nomus

Despite not having as much screen time compared to the rest of the other pro heroes. The rabbit hero was introduced to the fans in style as her fight against the Nomus earned her the recognition and respect the Pro Hero had been denied.

Her fight against the four high-end Nomus was easily one of the best fights of the previous season. However, the fight ended with her maimed and injured. It helped set the premise for how difficult the war with Shigaraki would be.

Overhaul vs Deku

Deku vs Overhaul
Deku Using One for all 100% (Photo Credit: Studio Bones)

The fight between Deku and Overhaul is one of the best fights in My Hero Academia history. Fans got a chance to see what Deku’s power would feel like at his peak. Thanks to Eri’s quirk, Deku was able to utilize One for All at 100%. Overhaul was no match for Deku at 100%, as his regeneration couldn’t keep up with his damage output. He could decimate Chisaki completely, thereby altering the future Nighteye saw.

Deku vs Lady Nagant

Following the aftermath of the paranormal liberation war arc, Deku leaves UA to become a vigilante. Knowing that one for all would be after him, he separates himself from everyone, having only minimal contact with All Might. This sets up one of the best fights in the season, as former hero Lady Nagant hunts him down on orders from All for One.

The confrontation led to Deku using Fajin for the first time, which was a stand-up moment for many fans. He was able to defeat Lady Nagant with his new quirk, incapacitating her. He also helps the former hero reconnect with her old self, but the moment is ruined by All for One.

Deku Vs Shigaraki

The paranormal liberation war arc has proved to be one of the best My Hero Academia arcs to date. The arc was a major reward to fans who had been patient with the way the story had been progressing so far. The arc showcased a lot of great battles, with the best moment being the fight between the heroes and Shigaraki.

The heroes could barely hold on due to the onslaught from Shigaraki and all for one, with so many injured and exhausted as the result of the fight. Deku took over the fight; it was the kind of fight fans expected to see from both successors.

All Might vs All for One

The fight between the two bitter rivals culminated in one of the best fights in anime history. With his secret now out in the world, All might have to face off against a very determined All for One.

This fight was a breathtaking and emotional fight for MHA fans everywhere as fans saw All Might live up to the name of his quirk. He put everything on the line, burning through the last embers of One for All to deliver one of the most devastating punches in anime history, “The United States of Smash.”

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