Here's Why This Company Encourages the Use of Pronouns For All Employees

E-commerce and SEO specialists at Novos announced this year that they're encouraging the use of pronouns for all employees, no matter how they identify. From now on, pronouns will be included in employee email signatures, Slack profiles and more.

The purpose behind this initiative is to help normalize the use of pronouns and make sure "non-binary, genderfluid and transgender communities feel valued, included and reinforced," shared the company in a statement.

Not everyone is familiar with the experiences of the LGBTQ+ community, so understanding that you should acknowledge people with the correct pronouns may not even be a thought. For others, having to predict the pronouns of others on the fly can be anxiety-provoking. This leaves marginalized groups at risk of being misgendered which can trigger gender dysphoria. Unfortunately, gender dysphoria has many lasting negative effects and can trivialize an already stressful workday.

By normalizing inclusion, companies can more effectively "foster a culture of empathy and avoid instances of misgendering," making all employees feel at home.