Here's Where the ‘Fallout’ TV Show Fits in the Game Series's Wild Timeline

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When Does The TV Show ‘Fallout’ Take Place?Amazon Prime

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Fallout fans have been carefully planning out the timeline of the video games every since the first one came out in 1997. And now things have only gotten just a bit more complicated thanks to the brand new TV series. The creators of the series have already confirmed that the new series is totally canon, but just where does it fall in the main Fallout storyline?

Here's everything you need to know about when the Fallout TV series takes place.

Okay, so, what year is it in the Fallout TV series?

One thing that we absolutely do know is that everything starts off in 2296, which is 218 years after the Great War of 2077. The show does run for a year, so it ends sometime in 2297, bringing us one year further in the timeline.

ella purnell lucy
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What is the latest we've gotten in the Fallout video games?

This is the part that might be surprising even for ultimate Fallout fans. The TV show actually takes place several years after Fallout 4, which only goes as far as 2287. That means there is about 9 - 10 years of time between the end of Fallout 4 and the beginning and end of the first season of the Fallout TV show.

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But, wait, what about Fallout: New Vegas?

The end of season one of the series shows Hank back in some familiar ground: New Vegas. However, New Vegas definitely does not look like the same city that we might have known. This is because that game begins in 2281 and goes all the way to 2282, meaning that it's been almost 15 years since the end of that game and where we find Hank. A lot can happen in those 15 years and we're hoping that we get to find out...

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