Here's what's coming in The Walking Dead: Word Beyond season finale

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Here's what's coming in The Walking Dead: Word Beyond season finale

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Entertainment Weekly brings together the showrunners from all three TWD series—Angela Kang (The Walking Dead), Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg (Fear the Walking Dead), Matt Negrete (The Walking Dead: World Beyond)—along with Chief Content Officer S

Season 1 of The Walking Dead: World Beyond has been about the journey, as sisters Hope (Alexa Mansour) and Iris (Aliyah Royale) — with only a coded map and a vague direction in hand — set out with a group to go save their father, who may or may not have been in danger.

Not only will a destination finally be reached on the Nov. 29 two-part season finale, but showrunner Matt Negrete hints that "multiple destinations" could be in play due to the splintering of the group that occurred on the most recent episode, when Silas (Hal Cumpston) struck out on his own and Elton (Nicolas Cantu) went to find him. What else can we expect, and what answers shall we receive? We grilled Negrete to find out what is awaiting both the characters and viewers as season 1 comes to a close.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You've got two episodes left in season 1 that are going to air back-to-back on Sunday. What can you say about them?

MATT NEGRETE: Here's what I'll say about the last two episodes: Now that we know who Huck is, I think we'll start to get a little bit more of clarity in terms of her agenda, perhaps what her endgame might be. We've also seen the group split up in episode 8, and going into the last two episodes, that really puts Huck with Iris and Hope and Felix. And as Felix is the girls' protector and the one watching over them, there's a good chance that that sort of relationship might put Huck and Felix at odds.

The thing we've really explored from the beginning of the season with Felix which was that Huck was Felix's best friend, and so if this information were to come to light, that would be very devastating for Felix. I will say we'll be shining a light on Felix in episode 9, and we may get to potentially meet the elusive Will, his boyfriend, as we delve into a little bit more about Felix.

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As you talk about meeting Will, and from the very beginning it almost seems like Kublek is pushing these girls out the door on this journey with that map heading toward Ithaca. You told me before the season started that this season was about the journey. You compared it to Stand by Me, looking for the dead body. Does that mean that our group will — or at least some people in our group will — arrive at their destination in Ithaca before the end of the season?

We will definitely be closing in. There will potentially be multiple destinations that we're going to be getting to and then exploring further into season 2. That'll be my evasive answer on that.

Will we definitively learn who killed Tony before the end of the season?

Yes. We will know that, I'll say, by the end of episode 9. I'll go ahead and put that out there.

Will we find Percy either dead or alive? One way or the other, will we see Percy again?

That one I cannot confirm or deny, but I will say that door's definitely not closed. Let's put it like that. There are more questions there that need to be answered, so one way or another, I can assure you that we will be getting those answers.

Give us an idea of what we're looking at in terms of how this season will end. Are we looking at a cliffhanger situation? Are we looking at the end of this journey? Are we planting seeds for season 2? Tonally and philosophically, what you guys are going for with the way season 1 of World Beyond's going to end?

I'll say for a majority of the group that we'll build to what will be the end of their road trip. They have their destination, which is Ithaca, New York. They're getting very close, they don't have much further to go, and they do have a truck now. With season 1 being very much a road trip, they are on the doorstep of their destination by the end of the season. There's a good chance our group may or may not be back together by that point. When I tease a destination, it's actually potentially multiple destinations that I'm teasing because there's a good chance they might not all be going to the same place. I'll put it like that.

I think as we go into season 2, it's really about furthering this idea that our characters have changed. They're growing up very fast because things have gotten dark very fast, and they've had to grow and react to those changes. As we get into season 2, I can tease that we'll be exploring more aspects of the CRM and delving further into the mythology of who and what they are. I will say that the end of season 1 is the end of basically chapter 1, and chapter 2 of World Beyond is going to be a very different feeling chapter than in season 1 was. That much I can tease and promise. There'll be more on that to come, for sure.

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