Here's How You Can Wear Charli XCX's Clothes

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If you love Charli XCX's sense of style, you're in luck. The British singer has partnered up with Depop and GLITS, an LGBTQ+ organization, to sell her clothes online.

Charli describes her personal style as "ever revolving." She recently released a new album, CRASH, which marks a new era for her both musically and fashion-wise. She tells us, "Around this album campaign, I’ve really embraced owning your own sexiness in whatever way that works for you. I’ve really gravitated towards B movie stars, and Tarantino Girls. I enjoy feeling confident when I dress, and I am very into this vampy vibe at the moment. I’m inspired by '80s stars with big hair, glitz and glamour."

That kind of aesthetic can be seen in her Depop shop. "There’s loads of cute stuff in my Depop shop, there’s 50 items in total from my personal wardrobe and my ["Used To Know Me"] music video," she says. Charli's personal Depop shop includes items straight from her closet, which she's worn at parties and on tour while supporting Taylor Swift. There's also a "likes" section she's carefully curated.

Additionally, when supporting Charli, you're also supporting a cause crucial to her. "All the money that is raised will be going to the incredible charity GLITS -- a community that is obviously hugely important to me because of all the support and inspiration I’ve received from them over so many years," she explains. "This was a great opportunity to give back."

To buy items from Charli XCX's personal wardrobe, visit her official Depop shop here.

This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.