Here's the Truth Behind Why 'Station 19' Is Ending After Season 7

why did station 19 get canceled
Why Was 'Station 19' Canceled After 7 Seasons?James Clark - ABC
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In September 2017, fans of Grey's Anatomy were introduced to a new spinoff detailing the lives of first responders. In Station 19, the series followed a group of firefighters working for the Seattle Fire Department. Each week, the team saved the lives of those in danger, while also dealing with personal issues of their own.

Between love, heartbreak, survival and a plethora of other emotions, viewers quickly got hooked, making Station 19 an instant success. With the procedural drama developing a loyal fanbase since the beginning, it came as a surprise for folks when ABC announced in December 2023 that Station 19 was canceled after seven seasons. What's more, the news came just as the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes ended, making the final installment truncated to just 10 episodes.

Given all of this, fans continue to watch as the season 7 finale episode drops on May 30, all while wondering why Station 19 is ending after season 7. Although the show's cancellation was unexpected, there are a few reasons behind the move.

why did station 19 get canceled
James Clark - ABC

Deadline initially reported that ABC's decision to cancel Station 19 came early on in the production of season 7, so the network could "allow producers to craft a proper ending for the first responder drama." The cancellation also came at the time when ABC introduced 9-1-1 to its audience, which switched networks for season 7 after initially airing on Fox.

While it's unclear whether the 9-1-1 move was part of the choice behind cancelling the show, Craig Erwich, president of Disney Television Group, told the publication how proud the company was over the stories the show told.

"For seven seasons Station 19 has been a highlight of the ABC lineup thanks to Shonda [Rhimes] and Betsy [Beers]'incredible vision, beloved characters and compelling storytelling,"he said at the time. "With [showrunners] Zoanne [Clack] and Peter [Paige] at the helm of the upcoming farewell season, we have so much to look forward to, most notably the celebration of the show’s milestone 100th episode."

As far as the Station 19 cast's reaction to the cancellation, they were equally as surprised as fans to learn the show would be no more. Shortly after the announcement, Jaina Lee Ortiz (who plays Captain Andy Herrera) went on her After We Wrap podcast to share her mixed emotions about it.

"We got some bad news about the show not moving forward, and as of now, season seven will be the last season of Station 19," she stated at the time. "It came as a shock. We weren't told why... there wasn't any reason behind it, so everyone was left pretty confused and heartbroken."

"The silver lining is that we didn't have to find out next year, waiting to see if it got picked up or not, and we know now," she added. "As of right now, we're working towards making this the best 10 episodes yet."

If that wasn't enough, executive producer Shonda Rhimes also voiced her feelings on the show's cancellation, expressing gratitude for everyone who worked on Station 19.

"Grateful for an unforgettable run," she wrote on Instagram in December 2023. "A heartfelt salute to the exceptional cast whose brilliance brought the characters to life and to the viewers who continued to make it possible! Thank you for the magic, the moments, and the memories."

Suffice to say, the show will be missed by fans, cast and crew alike.

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