Here's the Real Reason Bretman Rock Doesn’t Want To Be "Tied to the Beauty Community"

Former OG beauty influencer Bretman Rock says they no longer want to be tied to the beauty community and that "white people ruin the beauty community." While some of those sentiments may hold some truth, we also have to hold those POC influencers who were the apple of those "white" beauty brands' eyes accountable for their part in the ruin.

To acknowledge the part that white people play in the demise of the appeal of the beauty community is to also legitimately recognize that Bretman Rock is a key component. It was the years of using AAVE (African American Vernacular English), or what we call "Blaccent," that attracted the uninformed masses to them.

And it isn't just them alone. Rock is just one of many of the non-black male beauty influencers that subscribe to this notion of the "ghetto Black girl" to go viral for their content on social platforms such as TikTok and Instagram — later only to denounce the very community that fed them and put money in their pockets when scandals of them speaking about Black women horribly or worse, using the N-word comes to light.

Over Bretman Rock's time on Youtube and other platforms, he further contributed to those negative stereotypes of the Black community, and he continued until his scandals surfaced — now, it's "I've been an ally. It's the white people." As harsh as this may sound, it was actually you, Rock. You became the problem.

While we still have many ways to go with engaging in diversity and inclusion conversations in a fully transparent way. Tell the truth and shame the devil, Bretman Rock, you are leaving the beauty community because the "Blackfish" mirror is now in your face and you must answer for your crimes.

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