Here’s What the ‘Charlie Bit My Finger’ Kids Look Like Now

It’s been 10 years since Charlie bit his brother Harry’s finger and the video went viral, and the boys, along with their parents, joined British talk show This Morning to talk about it. Since being uploaded in May of 2007, the video has more than 850 million views and has had a huge impact on the family — particularly the size of the family.

Photo: ITV
Photo: ITV

Due to the money brought in from the video, the boys’ mother Shelley explained, they had enough money to have a fourth child, Rupert. She explained that she was working full time when she had her first three boys, but quit her job and had Rupert as a result of the video.

Besides being responsible for his brother being born, Charlie may have found a career from the video. He doesn’t know exactly what he wants to do, but he said he’d be interested doing video blogs or something along those lines, presumably without the biting.

Check out this morning show host’s reaction during a cringeworthy bug-eating segment:

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