Here's How Big The PS5 Is Compared To Every Launch PlayStation

We've got our hands on the PlayStation 5 and we compared it's size and shape to every PlayStation from the PS1, all the way to the PS4 Pro. We've gotten our hands on the PlayStation 5, fins and all. Much has been made of the new console's overall size, since it is a bit bigger than some past PlayStations. But how much bigger? This calls for an investigation. We took the PS5 and stacked it up against every prior PlayStation, from the PS1 all the way to the PS4 Pro. And perhaps not surprisingly, we find that it is in fact a big boy. The only PlayStation that even comes close is the equally curvalicious original PlayStation 3. If you want to get a better idea of just how much bigger the PS5 is, check out the video above. Don't body-shame, all consoles are beautiful.