Here Are James Bond's Most Ridiculous Sex Jokes


James Bond is a master spy, a solid hand-to-hand combatant, and a dapper dresser. But his most impressive skill must just be wordplay.

The MI6 secret agent has been specializing in corny innuendo for more than 50 years, quipping his way into the hearts and beds of women around the world. Yahoo Superfan collected some of 007’s best double entendres, ranging from Sean Connery’s modest quips to Pierce Bronsnan’s blunt forehead-slappers (see: “I thought Christmas only came once a year” — as spoken to a lover named Christmas Jones).

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The clear winner in the bawdy one-liner derby is Roger Moore, the longest-tenured Bond, and one who seemingly spent just as much time in the nude as he did in a tuxedo. It’s almost an entirely different character from the one played by Daniel Craig, who — as this week’s SPECTRE demonstrates — is more likely to use a cocked eyebrow and a muscle flex to send his message.

SPECTRE hits theaters on November 4.