‘Her Ex-Husband … Had Been Texting Me’: Royce Reed Claims Shaquille O’Neal Cursed Her Out During Marriage to Shaunie for Denying His Flirtatious Advances

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OG fans of “Basketball Wives” haven’t heard much from star Royce Reed since she decided to quit the popular franchise back in 2011.

The 5-foot-5 dancer’s time ended after four seasons and going up against fellow OG stars Shaunie O’Neal, Evelyn Lozada and Jennifer Williams. The tension grew so heavy that the former close-knit trio refused to film with Reed, ultimately leading to a physical fight between her and Lozada.

Although she is no longer a castmate on the VH1 series, Reed recently spilled some behind-the-scenes tea about “BBW,” and Shaunie’s ex-husband, Shaquille O’Neal, while speaking with executive producer, Carlos King, also known as the “King of Reality TV.”

Royce Reed calls out Shaquille O'Neal for cursing her out after she denied his flirtatious advances.
Royce Reed calls out Shaquille O’Neal for cursing her out after she denied his flirtatious advances. (L) Royce Reed (Pictured: @roycereed/Instagram) (R) Shaq (Pictured: @shaq/Instagram)

The former NBA cheerleader sat down with King to discuss her short-lived time on the reality show and her tumultuous relationship with Shaunie — who now acts as the show’s executive producer.

Reed said she initially attempted to “confide” in Shaunie during season one, but their relationship was automatically tainted because of Shaq’s previous attempt to communicate with her as a married man.

“Even with that, I realized I couldn’t trust her because prior to the show even starting I had sent her a thread of where her ex-husband, you know, had been texting me,” the 43-year-old said at mark 27:12 of the talk.

She continued, “Nothing ever happened. He actually cursed me out ‘cause I wouldn’t talk to him. But I wanted everything to be out in the open. I wanted her to see everything so if anything ever happened or if anything was said, she knew it wasn’t true.”

Reed claimed that the former Lakers center asked another basketball player for her number while she was still an NBA cheerleader. The mother of one cheered for the Orlando Magic and Miami Heat. In 2004, Shaq was traded to the Heat. During that year, the NBA legend was still married to Shaunie. The former couple tied the knot in 2002, but split in 2009.

After a clip from her interview was shared by The Neighborhood Talk on Instagram, Shaq seemingly denied his involvement, writing, “uh somebody needs money.”

Dwight Howard’s ex went on to reveal that after she told Shaunie the information, she began confiding in her about deeper life struggles. Reed said, “I was really like pouring out my heart to her even about some personal stuff that was going on back at home and then that next day filming I’m getting asked about those messages from Evelyn.”

She noted that Lozada’s confrontation wasn’t “aired” but she voice how strange it was for the 47-year-old to question her about a matter she had only discussed with Shaunie.

“I had sent it to Shaunie before we even started filming, but I started confiding in Shaunie a little bit more because I felt like she was a big sister to me,” Reed said. “But then that next day is when those text messages that she had had for months prior, all of a sudden now we’re talking about them in a scene.”

Reed said it was at that moment that she realized Shaunie along with the rest of the ladies couldn’t be trusted. She said she told herself, “‘You have no friends,’ yeah.’”

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Although it is unclear if Shaq’s failed advances toward Reed played a factor in her getting booted off the show, Shaunie has previously spoken out about Reed’s unexpected exit.

In a 2011 interview with the Los Angeles Times, the mother of six suggested that Reed’s story was simply lackluster, stating that there was no point for her to even continue on with the show.

“It’s no connection anymore,” Shaunie told the outlet.

As for Reed’s relationship with Lozada, their beef derived after Reed missed out on the “Queen’s Court” star’s birthday party and never explained why she didn’t attend. Their boiling drama soon erupted during the second season of “BBW, ” after they decided to have a sit-down conversation.

Throughout the tense interaction, Lozada called Reed a “bum” and even threw glass at her. The 47-year-old’s actions caused Reed to get up and toss a few drinks back at Lozada before they were split up by security. Since the physical altercation, neither woman has put forth the effort to mend their relationship.

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