'Hell's Kitchen' contestant's bizarre health scare has Twitter confused

On Hell's Kitchen Thursday night, 32-year-old contestant Fabiola Fuentes went into hysterics, seemingly out of nowhere. The breakdown happened after Fuentes and her team returned from their dune buggy excursion reward through the Nevada desert, during which Fuentes was having the time of her life, which is why her teammates, and viewers on social media, were totally confused.

Crying and hyperventilating, Fuentes shoved the camera away from her face to get the crew to stop filming her, as an EMT rushed to her side. After spending some time with the medic, who suggested she might be dehydrated, Fuentes managed to return to her team pre-dinner service, where she apologized for being rude to them.

“I'm sorry if I was rude. I got super nasty. I just want you guys to know that,” Fuentes told the group.

However, her bizarre attitude did not go unnoticed by viewers at home. While some speculated she was suffering from anxiety or a panic attack, one viewer thought maybe she was just drunk.

Unfortunately for Fuentes, things just got worse for her during dinner service as she just couldn't keep herself together while making flatbread for guests at Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen restaurant in Las Vegas. After first serving the flatbread undercooked, she then attempted to serve it totally burnt. When Ramsay asked who cooked the embarrassing dish, Fuentes stated, “Me. This s***bag.”

Ultimately, Ramsay decided that Fuentes was the weakest link and asked her to turn in her jacket and head home. In the end Fuentes shared, through tears, “I wish my health was better. And that's me. I tried to fight for myself as much as I could. I knew I failed, and I knew that I bounced back, and I was extremely embarrassed.”

Hell’s Kitchen airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on Fox.

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