Helldivers 2 PC players suddenly have to link to a PSN account and they're not being chill about it

The game didn't require this step when it launched.


Linking to a random third-party account when you just want to play a video game you paid for is truly annoying and, honestly, keeps me from even launching certain games by certain publishers who shall remain nameless. Helldivers 2 players are experiencing this frustration right now, as the PC version of the massively popular third-person shooter will soon require a link to a PlayStation account.

New players will be required to link both accounts on May 6, but pre-existing players have until June 4 before the requirement kicks in. Sony says that forcing people to link to a PSN account helps “protect players from griefing and abuse by enabling the banning of players that engage in that type of behavior.” Ah, the popular “few bad apples” excuse.

This was always the plan, according to publisher Sony, but “technical issues” upon launch forced a delay in the linking mandate. In other words, when the PC version came out on February 8, you could just play it like any other game as nature intended, but now you gotta do the whole “insert credentials” rigamarole. This can be time-consuming, particularly if you don’t already have a PSN account or if you’re playing on something like a Steam Deck. Also, some regions where Helldivers 2 is available on PC don’t even support PSN accounts.

This has royally pissed off PC players, though it’s worth noting that it's free to make a PSN account. This has led to review bombing on Steam and many promises to abandon the game when the linking becomes a requirement, according to a report by Kotaku. The complaints range from frustration over adding yet another barrier to entry after downloading an 80GB game to fears that the PSN account would likely be hacked. While it is true that Sony was the target of a huge hack that impacted 77 million PSN accounts, that was back in 2011. Obama was still in his first term. Also worth noting? Steam was hacked in 2011, impacting 35 million accounts.

So maybe gamers are taking things a bit too far here and many are likely to not follow through with promises to stop playing Helldivers 2. That doesn’t change the fact that account linking is annoying. On the plus side, Sony recently promised to bring its titles to PCs as soon as possible, and Helldivers 2 was a day-one release on both Steam and PlayStation consoles. That’s a neat little promise to keep, now where’s Spider-Man 2?