Helen Mirren explains why her house is haunted in this exclusive 'Winchester' clip

In the immortal words of Ray Parker Jr., if you’ve had a dose of a freaky ghost, who ya gonna call? Helen Mirren! The beloved British actress takes a rare detour into horror with Winchester, the new film from Jigsaw directors Michael and Peter Spierig, and Yahoo Entertainment has an exclusive clip from the gothic chiller. (Watch above.)

Inspired by a mix of real-life events and popular lore, Winchester casts Mirren as Sarah Winchester, heiress to the famed firearms manufacturer. She’s putting her sizable wealth to use by building a grand mansion (which today is known as the Winchester Mystery House, an iconic California tourist attraction) for the phantoms haunting her family all of whom owe their ghostly state to being on the receiving end of a Winchester gun. In the clip, Sarah explains her plan to a visiting doctor, Eric Price (Jason Clarke), who has been dispatched to gauge her sanity level. “They want me to reconstruct the rooms that they died in — then they can enter our world,” she says … thus more or less giving him plenty of ammunition to call her crazy.

Winchester opens in theaters on Feb. 2

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