Where Did Helen Hunt Go? Behind the Camera

Mad About You and As Good it Gets star Helen Hunt appeared on The View on Wednesday and spoke about the difficulty she’s had getting acting jobs as she’s gotten older. This is despite the fact that she’s an Oscar- and Emmy-winning actress. But Hunt isn’t sitting around waiting for the phone to ring. She has been working on projects of her own.

Conor Leslie, Helen Hunt, and Stephan James in Shots Fired
Conor Leslie, Helen Hunt, and Stephan James in Shots Fired “Hour One.” (Photo: Fox/courtesy Everett Collection)

“You want to work and you want to make stuff, and it gets harder to make stuff. And the silver lining is you make your own stuff, which has been a silver lining for me. I made two movies that I wouldn’t have written had I been, you know, employed. Not being as employed as I wanted, I wrote two things that mean a great deal to me,” Hunt said.

The two movies Hunt was referring to are 2007’s Then She Found Me, and 2014’s Ride. Hunt wrote and directed both. She also recently directed an episode of This Is Us and an episode of Feud, the TV series about the conflict between Bette Davis and Joan Crawford in the early 1960s and certainly touches upon sexism in Hollywood. Speaking of directing Feud and sexism, Hunt said it’s amazing to watch what hasn’t changed.

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