Heidi Montag Unveils Playroom Redesign That Welcomes Her Toddler Into Son Gunner's Treasured Space (Exclusive)

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The mom of two made the space perfect for both her boys, with the help of The Model Home's Eryn Donaldson

<p>Eryn Donaldson/The Model Home; Heidi Montag/Instagram</p> Pratt kids

Eryn Donaldson/The Model Home; Heidi Montag/Instagram

Pratt kids' bookshelf (L), Ryker Pratt and Heidi Montag Pratt
  • Heidi Montag Pratt knew it was time to redo her playroom as she started encouraging son Gunner, 6, to share the space with baby brother Ryker, 15 months

  • The Pratts wanted Gunner to feel his space wasn't being infringed on while making the space safe for their toddler to get in on the fun.

  • The couple turned to Eryn Donaldson of The Model Home to once again help them redesign a room in their home with purpose

Heidi Montag Pratt has a playroom fit for her family's next chapter.

The reality TV star, 37, teamed up with designer Eryn Donaldson of The Model Home to update her playroom as her little boys grow.

"With two boys being so active and both needing their own spaces, I was just really overwhelmed every time they were going in there. It needed to be baby-proofed and my older son was having a hard time sharing special things and the area," Montag Pratt tells PEOPLE.

Son Ryker, 15 months, is now "getting into everything," so Montag Pratt called Donaldson, who originally helped her with the space, back in to update it for her family's new needs.

"The primary goal this time around was to create a safe environment for the youngest family member while preserving the autonomy and enjoyment of the older sibling," Donaldson shares.

"The key challenge was finding the delicate balance between baby-proofing the space to ensure the safety of the youngest child while also ensuring that the older sibling felt that the playroom remained his domain," she continues.

"With toys of various sizes and types scattered throughout the room, the task was to organize them in a way that allowed each child to access age-appropriate playthings without encroaching on the other’s space."

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<p>Eryn Donaldson/The Model Home</p> The Pratt playroom before

Eryn Donaldson/The Model Home

The Pratt playroom before

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Montag Pratt explains that because of the age difference between her boys, older son Gunner was used to the playroom being solely his.

"There were Legos everywhere. And on the bottom shelves, there were Pokémon toys. There was nothing in there that really catered towards the baby. Eryn was able to transform the bottom bins to have fun toys that are safe for both of them and allows Gunner to be able to share."

The pair also cleared out "a bunch of stuff" as they focused areas on each of the boys.

"To be able to allocate certain areas on the top shelf that are special and protected for my older son's things, so he doesn't feel like his territory is completely being taken, was important. We don't want him to feel like he has to guard or protect his things, so organizing things made it a more family-friendly, stress-free space for everybody."

To make it happen, Donaldson "implemented an organization plan."

"Lower shelves and storage bins were designated for toys suitable for the younger child, keeping them within easy reach and safely away from potential hazards. Meanwhile, toys and activities favored by the older sibling were arranged at a higher level, preserving his sense of ownership over his play space," she explains.

"By incorporating playful elements such as themed storage solutions and personalized touches, the playroom was transformed into a vibrant and inviting space that catered to the unique interests of each child."

<p>Eryn Donaldson/The Model Home</p> The Pratt playroom, after

Eryn Donaldson/The Model Home

The Pratt playroom, after

Montag Pratt was thrilled with the transformations, but the real test came when the boys checked out the space.

"Gunner loves Eryn. At first, he was a little apprehensive because he was so protective of his stuff. And then after the first time she came to the house and ever since, he's really appreciated her and runs up and hugs her."

After hearing Mom's promise that they'd make the room work for both brothers, Gunner adorably said, "Thank you so much" to Donaldson for her help.

"You can tell he's relieved to have the space be so organized and to not have to feel so responsible for protecting his stuff," the mom observes.

"The playroom became a haven for creativity, exploration, and sibling bonding," Donaldson says of the transformation. "In the world of parenting, the importance of creating functional and harmonious spaces for children cannot be overstated. Through thoughtful organization, the playroom project for Heidi and Spencer Pratt exemplifies how careful consideration of the needs of each family member can result in a space that fosters growth, play, and joy."

<p>Eryn Donaldson/The Model Home</p> Gunner and Ryker Pratt's bookshelf

Eryn Donaldson/The Model Home

Gunner and Ryker Pratt's bookshelf

Despite the age gap between the boys, Montag Pratt says she's been enjoying watching their bond develop now that Ryker is more on the move.

"I love seeing them grow into their relationship. It's fun having a baby, but it's even more fun seeing them be able to interact and play and their relationship. The dynamic is just so special, and to be able to see it grow and encourage it in such a loving way has been amazing. It's just so fun to see your little one come into his own and be a part of the family. It just feels like such a full family."

While Ryker shares similarities with all the members of the family, Montag Pratt notes he's "very much his own little guy."

"I relate to Ryker the most. I think he's really unique, but also just being that second child where you're more independent. He's so tough. Just dealing with an older brother is such a different dynamic and he's a tough little guy."

<p>Eryn Donaldson/The Model Home</p> Reorganized bookshelves

Eryn Donaldson/The Model Home

Reorganized bookshelves

While Ryker explores so much as a toddler, the 6-year-old is also doing plenty of exploration of his own.

"We've been trying to broaden his horizons as much as possible. He's been playing soccer and he's really great at soccer. We're trying fencing too."

Big brother Gunner is "still into Pokémon and dinosaurs" and hopes to be a paleontologist one day.

"I'm definitely encouraging that, especially with our investment in dinosaurs at this point," the mom jokes, adding her son is into learning more about "anything he's learning in school."

<p>Eryn Donaldson/The Model Home</p> Bookshelves reorganized to protect Gunner's treasured items while giving Ryker easy access to his own

Eryn Donaldson/The Model Home

Bookshelves reorganized to protect Gunner's treasured items while giving Ryker easy access to his own

Montag Pratt and husband Spencer Pratt are kept on their toes by the two little ones, finding they're thriving as a family of four.

"The biggest challenge is definitely having so much responsibility on my older son. It's tricky because he is the older one, but he's still so little. So I try not to put too much pressure and stress on him. At the same time, you know, he does have more responsibility and has to give up things easier and make more sacrifices. So that can be really challenging, navigating both of their emotions and needs at the same time — especially when they're crying at the same time and both having meltdowns."

"Sorting everybody's emotions is a lot. For me, I just take a deep breath and try to put everything in perspective, one moment at a time, one situation at a time. I try to remember that five years from now, I'll probably do anything to be back in this moment."

<p>Heidi Montag/Instagram</p> Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag Pratt with sons Gunner and Ryker

Heidi Montag/Instagram

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag Pratt with sons Gunner and Ryker

"Organization, it seems like such a little thing but it really changes your life. Eryn has been such a blessing to me, and it's interesting that you just think it's a room or a space, but it's such an energy, and it really can be so much more stressful. Eryn's help has been a big game changer for me, so I'm just so thankful to her."

As the family shifts into spring, they're getting ready for a spring break trip to Colorado, with Montag Pratt joking the time "looks a little different than it used to be."

"We're going to spend time in Colorado with my family, which is such a blessing. We're going to get a little skiing in. It'll be Ryker's first time in the snow. I'm really excited for it."

The couple is focused on their podcast, Speidi's 16th Minute, with Montag Pratt teasing, "Who knows, there might be a new show on the horizon." She's also entertaining new music after becoming a "phenomenon" with her 2010 album Superficial going viral on social media.

"We're excited to keep working and see what's coming ahead."

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