Heidi Klum Says Daughter Leni's Abby Lee Dance Company Training Prepared Her for Dolce & Gabbana Runway

Leni Klum is already a pro on the runway — and her supermodel mom isn't surprised!

The 17-year-old walked the runway at Dolce & Gabbana's 2021 Alta Moda show on Sunday in a bright blue double satin corset dress and skirt which was topped off with an exquisite gemstone crown, drop earrings and jaw-dropping statement necklace.

Heidi Klum, who watched the Venice fashion show from the front row, told PEOPLE she "wasn't too nervous" because she knew her daughter was prepared.

"I was excited," she said. "I asked her before and she said, 'No, Mom, I got this. I'm just going to wing it,' you know?"

The television personality, 48, shared that being a member of the Abby Lee Dance Company (yes, the studio made famous by Dance Moms) before getting into modeling prepared Leni for the star-studded Dolce & Gabbana casting.

"There, you have to learn really hard routines and you have to dance in front of all the judges," Heidi explained. "She has a lot of trophies at home from that time."

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Leni Klum is seen during the Dolce&Gabbana Alta Moda show on August 29, 2021 in Venice, Italy
Leni Klum is seen during the Dolce&Gabbana Alta Moda show on August 29, 2021 in Venice, Italy

Jacopo Raule/Getty

"She's performed before so for her, I think this was just like, 'Okay, I walk and I pose.' There's not too much to memorize," Heidi continued. "She knows how to walk in heels. She's been walking in the craziest heels that she found in my closet since she, basically, started walking. And because she grew up with cameras around her she doesn't really get that intimidated with that kind of stuff."

leni klum
leni klum

Leni Klum/Instagram

"I think she just really enjoyed it, versus when I think about me when I do a show, or anything, I always get nervous," the Making the Cut host said. "Maybe because I wasn't born with it, you know? I didn't have all this stuff around me when I was little. I think for her it's, 'I got this, Mom, relax.'"

After the show, Heidi couldn't contain her excitement and shared multiple photos and videos of Leni on Instagram. "Proud Mom," she captioned one video, adding many blue heart emojis.

She also shared a clip of Leni walking down the runway past her seat right at the moment when she caught Heidi's eye. "The smile when she sees mom 😁❤️🥰 @leniklum," Heidi said.

Sara Foster also helped Heidi capture an extra-special moment during the fashion show. When Leni struck a pose on the runway right by Heidi's seat, Foster snapped a picture of the America's Got Talent judge beaming as her daughter stood in the background.

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"Happy 😃❤️🥰🙏🏻🚀 📹 @sarafoster Thank you for capturing this moment," Heidi said. Foster also shared the pic and said, "@heidiklum watching the new Heidi Klum Aka her daughter! ❤️❤️."

Leni Klum, Heidi Klum
Leni Klum, Heidi Klum

Sara Foster/Instagram

Over the past year, Leni started following in her mom's modeling footsteps and already landed the covers of Vogue Germany (alongside her supermodel mom) and Glamour Germany, flying solo for the first time. Luckily, she has Heidi's expertise to guide her along the way.

"I've been helping her with deals and she has so many things in the pipeline," said Heidi, who also shares children Henry, 15, Johan, 14 and Lou, 11, with her ex Seal. "It's really exciting. She's doing the things I was always dreaming to do!"