HEELS: Chris Bauer Explains How ‘Wild Bill’ Would Handle Autograph Hounds At The Airport

Chris Bauer Wild Bill Heels
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It seems like pro wrestlers have been dealing with more “fans” seeking autographs at airports as of late. However, it’s clear to see that most of these people are just turning around and selling these items for a profit.

This year, videos featuring the likes of Rey Mysterio and Jeff Hardy have gone viral due to their respective reactions to getting hounded. Rhea Ripley also spoke about how threatening it can feel when people approach her and ask her to sign dozens of items.

Chris Bauer’s Wild Bill Hancock is at the tail end of his career on HEELS, so he relishes the chance to interact with his fans as often as he can. As seen in season two, Bill even gets to go to a fan convention and relive his glory days.

So, how would Wild Bill would handle autograph hounds at the airport?

“I honestly think that he could be in the middle of a heart attack and he would stop for a picture,” Bauer quipped.

Family First

Chris Bauer is also well-known for his portrayal of Frank Sobotka on HBO’s The Wire. The question posed to him was simple — would Frank be a pro wrestling fan? And if so, would he be a DWL or a Dystopia fan?

“Frank Sobotka would be a front-row ticket holder. And I think he’d be DWL all the way because it’s family. It’s family first, it’s old school,” he said. “It’s get over by good booking, good story, and hard work. And Dystopia is the Haunted Mansion. It’s like Universal Horror Nights and Sobotka would be like, ‘That’s bullshit trickery.’ Slam somebody in the mouth and sell that it hurts.”

Heels is currently airing on STARZ.

Check out our full interview with Chris Bauer below:

*This interview was recorded prior to the SAG-AFTRA strike.

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