Heather Matarazzo Unearths BTS Throwback with Kirsten Dunst and Rachael Leigh Cook from Strike!

Heather Matarazzo IG Throwback
Heather Matarazzo IG Throwback

Heather Matarazzo/instagram

Heather Matarazzo is taking a walk down memory lane.

The Princess Diaries actress, 39, reminisced about her 1998 movie Strike! as she posted a throwback photo of herself with two of her famous costars, Kirsten Dunst and Rachael Leigh Cook, to social media on Friday.

"As I'm packing up my home office, I came across this gem. @kirstendunst @RachaelLCook #1998 #nomorelittlewhitegloves," she wrote, referencing one of the movie's most memorable lines with a hashtag.

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The snapshot features all three as young actresses, in school uniforms and surrounded by sodas. Matarazzo shed some more light on the photo on her TikTok.

"It's me! With Kirsten and Rachael on the set of All I Wanna Do aka The Hairy Bird aka Strike!" she laughed, referring to the film's U.S. title, its original title and the U.K. release title, respectively. "One of the only upsides of moving is finding little gems like this."

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Fans in the comments flipped out, writing: "This is one of my favorite movies of all time!" Another else added, "The 90's are 90'sing so hard in this pic. I love it." One person commented: "I just subscribed to Starz to watch this."

In Strike!, Matarazzo, Dunst and Cook played 1960s school girls in New England who devise a plan to take back their historically all-girls school amid talk of the establishment merging with a nearby boys school.

The movie also featured Gaby Hoffmann, Hayden Christensen, Matthew Lawrence, Vincent Kartheiser, Shawn Ashmore and Merritt Wever.

Matarazzo has previously spoken about another costar from her earlier years. In September, she stuck up for Neve Campbell's decision not to return for Scream 6 due to pay negotiations as she appeared on the Behind the Velvet Rope podcast.

"I think that if you are the head of a franchise and you are, in part, what cemented said franchise and you have a film that's making hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars, that the lead actor that played Sidney Prescott, which is the protagonist of all protagonists, should be paid what she's worth," said Matarazzo, who was in Scream 3 (2000) and Scream (2022) with Campbell.

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In a clip the actress later reposted on social media, Matarazzo explained further. "I think there's this idea that we've been lulled into because that's the way capitalism works in terms of we've been conditioned to be okay with crumbs, while everyone else gets to eat the full meal and that's not okay," she explained.

The Welcome to the Dollhouse star also said that backlash to Campbell's position would not be as rough if it were a male actor. "Notice that it's always women that get criticized for this, it's not men," she said to host David Yontef. "We're under this guise that 'whatever the man gets, he deserved it' but the second a woman is asking for equity that is similar or equal to she's a f—ing problem."

Matarazzo concluded, "It's a double standard and it's one that I don't subscribe to."