Heather Locklear Temporarily Leaves Rehab for Christmas: Source

Heather Locklear is home for Christmas — for a few days.

The actress, 57, has left her treatment facility to celebrate Christmas in Los Angeles with loved ones, PEOPLE confirms.

“Heather is out for a few days for the Christmas holidays,” a source tells PEOPLE. “She’s keeping to herself and is spending time with her boyfriend Chris [Heisser].”

According to the source, Locklear was released on Saturday, the same day her 21-year-old daughter Ava got home from her trip to Hawaii with dad Richie Sambora.

“Originally Ava was going to come back and Richie was staying a few more days, but since he wants to be around to help Ava, he came back as well,” says the source.

“Heather is doing well,” continues the source. “She’s smiling and happy to be out. She can only put her best face forward.”

The source says Locklear will be out of the facility for a few days and will return after Christmas.

“Her family wants her to be well,” says the source. “Everybody is holding their breath that she will be okay.”

According to the source, Ava, a college student, is staying with Sambora over the holiday break. Sambora lives about 10 miles from Heather.

“Richie is a rock for [Ava],” says the source. “Ava has gone to see Heather at at her home. There’s a lot of love and support between all three of them.”

Locklear has been under the care of doctors for psychiatric evaluation following a mental health breakdown in November, a source previously told PEOPLE. The actress was taken to a hospital after her therapist determined that she needed immediate care.

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Following the initial evaluation, doctors recommended that Locklear be placed under psychiatric hold, which was extended to a so-called 52-50 hold, which is a “14-day involuntary hold that is placed by a physician following a 51-50 hold for additional intensive treatment,” according to College Hospital Costa Mesa.

Locklear’s family and loved ones, including ex Sambora 59, and daughter Ava have expressed concern for the Melrose Place star’s well-being, but are also supportive and hopeful for her recovery.

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As for Sambora and Ava’s trip to Hawaii, the source says the pair stayed at the Four Seasons on the Big Island.

“It’s their favorite place this time of year,” says the source. “They used to go there, all three of them. It’s always been a special place for the whole family.”

Ava has also shared a few photos from their father-daughter trip on her Instagram page.

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Happy lil’ thang

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Following the news of Locklear’s psychiatric hold, Sambora expressed his support for his ex and commended his daughter’s strength in an exclusive statement to PEOPLE.

“I will not waver on always being there for Heather getting her the best help possible,” he said. “I am once again very proud of my daughter for her composure and strength during this very difficult time.”

Locklear’s difficult year has included time in rehab that ended in October, an arrest in June after she allegedly attacked a police officer and an EMT who responded to a disturbance call and a hospitalization for a possible overdose that same month.