Heather Locklear and Chris Heisser Split as She Embarks on Out-Patient Rehab at Home: Source

Heather Locklear is turning over a new leaf in the new year, a friend of the actress tells PEOPLE.

At the end of December, Locklear, 57, left her treatment facility to celebrate Christmas in Los Angeles with loved ones. Although she intended to return to rehab, she is now “doing out-patient rehab at home,” says the friend.

For the time being, Locklear has her parents — father Bill, 89, and mother Diane, 85 — living with her.

“She’s doing great. She has her parents staying with her, which has been great for everyone truly close to her. The fact that her parents are now staying with her is a good development and comforting,” the friend shares.

“Heather needs grounding and normalcy and what better people to do that than her own parents,” says the friend. “It’s a good thing in the end.”

Currently, Locklear — who has struggled with substance abuse in the past, as well as depression and anxiety — is “under a doctor’s care” and is “not around anybody who is not a good influence,” which is “good and comforting news to family and friends.”

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Heather Locklear
Heather Locklear

Among the people that Locklear is no longer spending time with is on-off boyfriend Chris Heisser.

“She has broken up with Chris,” the friends confirms. (Radar first reported news of the split.)

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Thankful for you

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“By her making this move, it gives her a great reset button on what is most important and that is her sobriety,” the friend says.

According to the friend, Heisser came back into Locklear’s life two and a half years ago when he visited her in rehab. The friend shares that Heisser “did not help her sustain her goals of sobriety.”

The friend explains, “She set goals of sobriety two years ago and those were not working with him in the picture.”

It’s no doubt been a tumultuous year for the former couple, including both being arrested, numerous fights between the two, a hospitalization for a possible overdose by Locklear, Locklear’s stint in rehab that ended in October, and her being placed on a psychiatric hold in November.

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Now, Locklear is prioritizing her physical, mental and emotional well-being.

“She has a new focus,” the friend shares, “and her sole focus is on herself.”

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Especially thankful for you

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In addition to her parents, Locklear’s ex-husband, Richie Sambora, and 21-year-old daughter, Ava, are rooting for her success.

“This comes as good news to everyone who’s close to her,” the friend says of Locklear re-prioritizing her life. “Everyone is pulling for the old Heather to rebound.”