Celebrities Have Lost Pets In Really Tragic Ways This Year — Here Are 18 Celebs Whose Pets Died In 2023

Pets become like our family, so it's always really hard when they pass on. And unfortunately, several celebrities have lost pets this year. Here are 18 of them.

1. Guy Fieri's dog Cowboy died just before the TV presenter's birthday in January.

Twitter: @GuyFieri

Guy called it "the saddest day" on Twitter. He said the apparent German Shepherd was "one of a kind and brought so much love and energy to our family."

2. James Middleton's dog Ella died in January after a "short illness."

Closeup of James with his dogs outside

3. Caterina Scorsone lost four pets — three cats and one dog — in a tragic house fire in January.

4. Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz's dog, Capper, passed away in February; their other dog, Anton, passed three weeks later.

5. Russell Crowe's dog Louis died in March after being fatally hit by a truck.

Twitter: @russellcrowe

Russell shared a picture of Louis on Twitter. "This is Louis the Papillion. 16 months old. Tiny, cheeky, brave. He won my heart," he wrote. "Unfortunately, today, on the second anniversary of my father's passing, Louis was hit by a truck. We tried to get him to the vet, but he died in my arms while I was telling him how much we loved him."

6. In April, John Mulaney announced the death of his dog, Petunia.

Closeup of John Mulaney at an event

7. Kevin Smith suffered the "devastating loss" of his dog — and frequent costar — Shecky the same month.

8. JoJo Siwa lost her puppy Tooie in an accident in April.

"My heart hurts so much to say that this morning he was involved in an accident and is now in puppy heaven," she wrote on TikTok, without disclosing further details. "2 months ago our puppy Tooie (O2) joined our family and he brought the MOST joy, laughter, and messes into our life. I can't even explain how perfect of a dog O2 was. Thank you for bringing light to my life when it was dark Tooie boy. See you one day. Rest in peace my lil sweet boy."

9. Pete Davidson took to Instagram in May to share the news of his dog Henry's death.

Closeup of Pete Davidson

10. After 23 years together, Paris Hilton announced in May that she'd lost her "precious chihuahua" Harajuku.

Closeup of Paris Hilton

11. Kaley Cuoco's chihuahua Dump Truck also passed in May.

12. Seth Rogen's dog Zelda died in May at almost 14 years old.

13. Candace Cameron Bure's dog Boris died in May.

14. Kate Beckinsale took to Instagram in June to share that she'd recently lost her cat, Clive.

15. Celebrity hairstylist Jonathan Wright shared in June that his pet monkey, Deor, who had a large presence on his Instagram page, had died.

16. In July, Billie Eilish revealed that she'd lost her "sweet girl," Pepper.

17. Miranda Lambert shared the news of her dog Thelma's death in July.

18. Lastly, Jenna Ushkowitz's dog Bear died in September after experiencing health issues.

Condolences to all of them and all out there who have lost a pet. ❤️