Hear Phantom Planet’s Groovy New Song ‘Balisong’

Emily Zemler

It’s been over a decade since Phantom Planet released new music and the California group is back with a new single, “Balisong.” The mid-tempo indie rock song comes off the band’s upcoming new album, which doesn’t have a release date as of yet.

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Frontman Alex Greenwald told Billboard the band is “50 to 75 percent” finished with the new album, which the musicians started working on after a surprise show in LA in January. “It’s exciting and it is a bit unexpected — especially just how quickly this snowballed,” Greenwald said. “It’s cool people remember us and want to hear more from us. I have friends who when I brought up that we were gonna make a record they were like, ‘Oh! F***in’ finally!’ They didn’t want to bring it up before, but obviously they were hoping for it.”

Greenwald also explained that “Balisong” specifically comes from his obsession with a butterfly knife. “It’s something that is really easily concealed but with the right know-how can be easily pulled out and is sharp as hell,” he said. “I just went down the rabbit hole with that and the band loved the song and it was one of the first ones we did.”

Phantom Planet’s last release came in 2008, when the band dropped album Raise The Dead. They are scheduled to perform at Tulsa’s Hanson’s Hop Jam Festival on May 19 and will likely book more shows soon, according to Greenwald. He told Billboard, “We’ve surprised ourselves with how easy and how much fun and exciting it is to play together, still. I’m very excited about what the future holds for this.”

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