Hear Oscar Isaac's Soulful Cover of the 'Star Wars' Theme

Oscar Isaac is a man of many talents: Not only can he pilot an X-wing (as he does in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, opening Thursday), but he can make beautiful music from a nearly 40-year-old SNL sketch. As part of their cover story on Isaac, the folks at GQ asked the actor to perform his own version of Bill Murray’s Star Wars theme song, as seen in his classic lounge singer sketch. Safe to say that Isaac, who previously flaunted his balladeer skills in 2013’s Inside Llewyn Davis, knocked it out of the galaxy. Watch the video above.

Isaac cleverly begins his Star Wars theme cover with a few lines from the 1963 Drifters song “On Broadway,” then transitions into those familiar John Williams chords. Instead of Murray’s original lyrics about the cantina and Darth Vader, Isaac inserts his own homage to The Force Awakens: “There’s Rey, and Finn and Poe and BB-8 as well/ What a cute and wacky little droid/ And hey, Kylo Ren is back in an evil mask/ Does he scare you as much as he scares me?” It’s so good, you might almost find yourself wishing the new Star Wars movie was a musical. Almost.

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