Hear It First: Joe Satriani Debuts ‘Shockwave Supernova’

Guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani is poised to release his 15th solo album, Shockwave Supernova, on July 24 -– and he’s got a different direction for fans to explore. A lifelong science fiction fan – he’s also developing asci-fi animation series called Crystal Planet – Satriani created the alter ego of “Shockwave Supernova,” the outlandish and extroverted ‘performance side’ of the normally shy and retiring musician.

Yahoo Music is excited to premiere the title track from the album to introduce this new character. Enjoy!

“This is my alter ego’s theme song, although he may not know it,” Satriani told Yahoo Music regarding the tune. “After all, he doesn’t really exist, but in his world he wants to rock big, loud, and proud, all the time.

“The curious turn is when the solo comes in, it has a very emotional, almost operatic quality to it. That’s just a glimpse into the tortured soul of Shockwave as he struggles to accept his own mortality. All drama aside, it’s a fun, rocking song!”

If you’d like to keep up with Satriani’s schedule while he’s on the road, check here.