Hear Brian Eno’s Mesmerizing New Song ‘We Let It In’ Featuring His Daughter

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Harold Budd, Avante-Garde Composer, Dies at 84
Harold Budd, Avante-Garde Composer, Dies at 84

Brian Eno has unveiled “We Let It In,” the second track from his forthcoming album FOREVERANDEVERNOMORE. Featuring vocals by his daughter Darla Eno, the song is accompanied by lyric video displaying Eno’s granddaughter Anya’s handwriting.


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The ambient track is like a soothing meditation, with Eno’s deep croon set atop Darla’s spoken-word vocals. “It’s become a different personality I can sing from,” Eno says of singing in a lower register. “I don’t want to sing like a teenager. It can be melancholy — a bit regretful. As for writing songs again, it’s more landscapes, but this time with humans in them.”

The “We Let It In” video was directed by Eno and London-based artist Orfeo Tagiuri. The climate-change-inspired FOREVERANDEVERNOMORE will be released on Oct. 14 and includes first single “There Are Bells.”

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