Hayden Christensen says he'd be down to lead a Darth Vader spin-off show

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Hayden Christensen would "absolutely" lead a Darth Vader series
Hayden Christensen would "absolutely" lead a Darth Vader series

Hayden Christensen

Vader is back, baby, and he’s here to stay. Riding high from his return to the Star Wars universe in Obi-Wan Kenobi, Hayden Christensen isn’t ruling out any future appearances as Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader—and that includes leading his own Disney+ show.

In a recent interview with ET Canada, the actor was asked if he’d consider helming a Vader series. “Yeah, I mean, you know, absolutely,” he said. “I think this is a character that sort of resonates in our culture and in a very kind of profound way. And there’s certainly more there to explore. There are so many other stories that have been told in these other mediums.”

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Christensen, who recently reflected on how “cathartic” it was to once again don the iconic villain’s suit, added: “I would love to get to continue my journey with him.”

He’s already scheduled to continue the journey with Rosario Dawson’s Ahoska. (That upcoming series is reportedly set after Vader’s journey has ended, so presumably he might appear in flashback—meaning there’s a chance we’ll see Ahoska’s mentor, Anakin, rather than his Sith alter ego). But to hear Christensen tell it, he’s just shocked to have returned at all.

“It was definitely a surprise,” he said of being asked back (in an interview with HeyUGuys). “You know, for the longest time, no, I didn’t think I’d be stepping back into this role again. But certainly, in the back of my head for a little bit, I was maybe hopeful that one day such an opportunity might present itself.”

“This whole project was a surprisingly emotional experience,” Christensen continued. “This is a character that means so much to me, and to other people as well. This is a character that has resonated in our popular culture in a very unique way, so getting to continue my journey with Darth Vader has been so cool.”

Here’s to more of the journey, in whatever way, shape, or form Disney+ is willing to give us.