‘Hawkeye’: Deleted Post-Credits From Season Finale Was A Talon Show

SPOILER ALERT: This post contains details of the season finale of Disney+’s Hawkeye. Those who watched the Season 1 wrap of Disney+’s Hawkeye likely noticed a lack of the usual kind of MCU post-credits scene. Sure, there was that “Save the City” song from show’s fictitious Broadway musical, but now we know a different scene was produced but cut from the episode.

At the end, when Kate (Hailee Steinfeld) fired a Pym arrow at a Tracksuit Mafia truck, it shrunk the thing to kid-size. In a tweet after the finale, Elaina Scott, a senior animator at Digital Domain who also worked on D+’s Marvel series Loki, gave a peek at what the streaming audience missed.

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Earlier, Clint (Jeremy Renner) had met an owl while stuck in the Rockefeller Center’s Christmas tree. Turns out this hooter had a plan. “The post-credits of the finale of Hawkeye was meant to have the owl taking the bros [spelling corrected] to its nest,” Scott tweeted. “Kinda sad they cut it. Would have been hilarious!!”

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