Harvey Weinstein’s ‘Pants Are Falling Down,’ Defense Attorney Asks Judge for OK to Wear Suspenders

Harvey Weinstein’s defense lawyer on Wednesday confirmed that the disgraced producer has been struggling to keep his pants on.

Mark Werksman began the afternoon session by asking Judge Lisa Lench if it’s OK for Weinstein to wear suspenders. Werksman said Weinstein’s pants have been falling down.

The judge said that was fine with her, as long as it falls within the sheriff’s rules, but she wasn’t going to “countermand” those. It was not immediately clear whether the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department had a suspenders policy.

The exchange went down on a day when Claudia Salinas, a fashion influencer and former model who was accused by Jane 2 of “roping” her into a hotel bathroom with Weinstein, took the stand to deny several key details of the alleged witness’ previous testimony.

Werksman has also previously asked for Weinstein to get dental care while in the Twin Towers facility in Los Angeles awaiting his now-ongoing trial for rape, and later pleaded something be done about his “fetid” holding cell, where he sometimes spends hours before and after trial awaiting transfer.

Mid-trial, Weinstein was moved from his preferred position at the defense table so he could no longer “stare” at the jury.

Weinstein uses a walker and wheelchair, but had been occasionally standing for the entrance of the judge and jury – though not every time. Perhaps now we know why.

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