Harvey gets arrested, plans 'one last con' with Mike in Suits promo

We haven’t seen the last of Mike Ross on Suits.

A new promo for the legal drama’s final four episodes has confirmed that Patrick J. Adams — who guest-starred in the season’s fifth episode — will be back again for at least one more episode. This time, though, he’ll be there to help his old the firm, as opposed to challenging them on a case, which is what happened during his first return visit. The teaser shows him confronting Faye Richardson, who has been overseeing the firm all season-long and scheming with his former mentor Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht).

“Harvey, you and I conned the world for years. I think it’s time for one last con,” Mike says in the promo.

Ahead of the season’s debut, creator Aaron Korsh told EW that Harvey and the gang would be taken to task for all of the morally questionable decisions they’ve made over the show’s run, and this trailer appears to expand on what he meant. At one point, we see Harvey get arrested for conspiring with a federal prosecutor, and overhear him defiantly say, “Every line I have ever crossed, I’d do it again.” Ever the maverick attorney.

Watch the teaser above.

Suits’ final four episodes start airing Wednesday, Sept. 4. The series finale will air Sept. 25.

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