Harry's Anatomy: Fandoms Collide As A.I. Reimagines Harry Potter Actors As Grey's Anatomy Doctors. It's Wild

 Daniel Radcliff as Harry Potter in Deathly Hallows and Ellen Pompeo on Grey's Anatomy.
Daniel Radcliff as Harry Potter in Deathly Hallows and Ellen Pompeo on Grey's Anatomy.

Sure, when it comes to artificial intelligence, there are plenty of horror stories out there about how A.I. is going to kill all of us one day, but there are also some pretty fun aspects that allow us to visualize concepts that could once only exist in our imaginations. What Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston’s kids would look like, for instance, or Family Feud host Steve Harvey in a number of perplexing situations. The technology also allows our fandoms to collide in strange new ways, and now A.I. has shown us what the Harry Potter characters might look like as doctors on Grey’s Anatomy. Hold onto your broomsticks.

I’m certain that the world of hospitals and surgery looks a lot different in the wizarding world, where it seems like a few swipes of a wand would replace the need for scalpels and sutures. But anyone who’s watched the longtime ABC medical series knows that medicine is just part of the story, and these Harry Potter characters look like they’d be all about some drama if they were Grey’s Anatomy doctors:

Harry Potter himself looks all too natural in a white coat, with compassion oozing from his A.I.-created eyes. Hermione Granger, meanwhile, is giving all the boss energy of Meredith Grey, and I wouldn’t want to get in the way of her medical breakthroughs. Poor Ron Weasley looks like he hasn’t slept a day since medical school. We also get to see some of the Hogwarts staff, with Professor McGonagall and Dumbledore looking ready to take on the roles of Grey’s Anatomy OGs Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) and Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.).

While Draco Malfoy looks like he needs to have his ego checked every once in a while, Luna Lovegood would have impeccable bedside manor, and if I had to be checked into Grey Sloan (or whatever the wizarding equivalent to that is), I would hope that she was the doctor on call.

The same Instagram account even released a second set of Harry Potter meets Grey’s Anatomy images, and I can’t lie, some of these are making me pretty nervous about any possible medical care I may need in the future:

Ginny Weasley gives a false sense of security before we’re faced with the likes of Bellatrix Lestrange, Lucius Malfoy and even Voldemort himself. Cedric Diggory may be trying to look all McDreamy, but sorry man, you didn’t make it past Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, so do I really trust your smoldering eyes to save my life? Delores Umbridge would be the last person I’d want to cross paths with, because I can only imagine she would take such joy in watching people suffer while they waited for hours in the emergency room.

The crossover between Harry Potter and Grey’s Anatomy is one that we’ll never see in real life — even though I’d totally watch that series — so at least we have A.I. to let our imaginations run wild with what that might look like.