Harry Styles Shows Off His Short Hair on the Set of 'Dunkirk'


Director Christopher Nolan (Interstellar) has just commenced principal photography on his next would-be blockbuster, the World War II drama Dunkirk. A recent photo from the film’s set in France confirms just how seriously one of his celebrity cast members is taking his role.

The snapshot above from May 25 is the first of One Direction member Harry Styles since the boy-bander made headlines (and rattled teen girls’ hearts) earlier this month by getting his signature long locks shorn. Styles initially announced he’d gotten a new ‘do — and that he was donating his hair to Little Princess Trust, a British charity that makes wigs for cancer-stricken children — via Instagram:


Nolan’s Dunkirk is a WWII epic about British and Allied troops who were surrounded by German forces on the beaches of France in 1940 — an incident that led to the “Miracle of Dunkirk,” in which 300,000-plus troops were evacuated by sea. From the looks of Styles’ fatigues (and close-cropped hair), he’ll obviously be playing one of those military men, though his particular role has yet to be divulged. Nonetheless, we do know he’ll be fighting alongside some illustrious co-stars, including Tom Hardy, recent Oscar winner Mark Rylance, Kenneth Branagh and Cillian Murphy.

Dunkirk doesn’t invade theaters until July 21, 2017, but you can check out more early looks from the film’s production here.

(Photo: Matrix Photo)