Harry Styles And Emily Ratajkowski Have An 'Intuitive Connection,' Says Astrology

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In pop culture news that completely sent the internet into a hair-grabbing meltdown, it appears that Harry Styles and Emily Ratajkowski are dating. And while I don’t want to make any early predictions about the future of their relationship that might turn the heads of fans (please don’t @ me), all I can say is that if the rumors are true, that is one attractive pair.

ICYMI: The dating rumors first started to circulate on March 25, 2023 after the Harry’s House crooner, 29, and My Body author, 31, were spotted making out in the streets of Tokyo, per video footage obtained by the Daily Mail. (Let’s just say that the lip-locking sesh was not lacking in, uh, passion.) The “As It Was” singer-songwriter was in Japan to perform for his current leg of his Love on Tour, per Harper’s Bazaar. To add more fuel to the flame, the next day, on March 26, a source told People that the two are acquaintances and “have been friendly for a while.” The insider also added that the model and actress is “friendly” with Harry’s ex, Olivia Wilde. (The tea? Yeah, it’s boiling.)

Then on March 27, a source for Entertainment Tonight seemingly confirmed the pair’s budding romance when they shared that the “Watermelon Sugar” singer and model “have always had a strong attraction to one another” and are “having fun together.” What’s more? Reportedly, the two have “hooked up,” a source told People. And Emily is “interested in seeing him again.” The feeling is mutual since a source for Us Weekly told the publication that Harry is “thrilled” about “hooking up” with the actress and writer. (Someone go check on the Harries stat!)

Nevertheless, that same source shared that while the two are enjoying each other’s company, Emily “isn’t looking for anything serious” and is “just trying to live her best single life.”

So while this ‘ship—that isn’t really a ‘ship—may not be more than just a fling, there’s no denying that these stars have undeniable chemistry. “Harry’s Sun in Aquarius is in a favorable trine aspect with Emily’s Sun in Gemini,” explains intuitive astrologer Rachel Lang. Meaning, “they know how to be happy together, and enjoy similar interests.” Both are air signs, “which means they are never at a loss for words, and they enjoy sharing ideas,” she adds.

But, if you, like me, are seated after hearing that information, luckily that’s not all Lang uncovered. Ahead, discover what Harry and Emily’s birth charts reveal about their astrological compatibility.

Harry and Emily are naturally drawn to each other, thanks to the Moon.

FYI, the Moon is an important indicator of compatibility as it represents your emotional needs. For Harry and Emily, “there are some interesting lunar influences at play,” says Lang.

Emily’s Moon in Aries is in a favorable sextile aspect with Harry’s Sun in Aquarius, while Harry’s Moon in Libra is in opposition to Emily’s Aries Moon. ICYDK, Libra and Aries are what are called “sister signs,” meaning they’re opposite each other on the astrological wheel, and in astrology, opposites attract. In other words, Harry and Emily “feel an intuitive connection with one another,” says Lang. “This is a romantic pair.”

In addition to representing one’s emotional world, the Moon also embodies the mother figure in astrology. So while it’s true Harry and Emily may approach family matters differently, “they [at least] can talk about their feelings and work together as a team,” Lang notes.

Watch this to uncover what your Moon sign says about you:

But their relationship often runs hot and cold, due to Mars.

Emily’s Mars (the planet of energy, drive, and sex) in Leo opposes Harry’s Mars in Aquarius. Translation: Their chemistry is “off the charts,” says Lang.

At the same time, however, there is unpredictability regarding the relationship and maybe even some struggles with conflict. Á la the title of Emily’s podcast, “there are high highs and low lows,” Lang notes. Despite this, “the couple has a strong desire for one another. They intrigue one another, and no matter how long the relationship lasts, it will change them forever,” explains Lang.

Oh, and one other thing: You’ll want to keep an eye on this budding romance in the next three months, especially in April 2023. Lang explains that the rare hybrid solar eclipse occurring on April 19 is in alignment with Harry’s ascendant in Libra and descendant in Aries—points in one’s birth chart that relate to the axis line between the self and other. In other words, during this time he’ll get clear on his relationship goals and how Emily fits into them, says Lang. “I’d imagine we’ll see more about his love life over the next few months. Eclipses stir up a lot of change!” she adds.

Because of Venus and Jupiter, they bring out one another’s playful side.

It’s easy to see “why the rumors say they’re having fun,” says Lang. Emily’s Venus (the planet of love and romance) in Leo is in a favorable sextile aspect with Harry’s Moon, while Harry’s Venus in Aquarius is in a trine aspect with Emily’s Gemini Sun. Emily’s Sun is also in opposition to Harry’s Jupiter in Scorpio, “showing that they know how to have a good time when they’re together,” Lang notes.

This is a relationship that makes this pair feel like anything is possible, says Lang. They know how to bring out the best in one another and can create opportunities together, she adds. “There’s also a tendency to overindulge,” but, you know, responsibly.

Yet, these two together may be a little too playful, thus lacking groundedness. “Neptune’s influence says someone has to be the grounded one,” explains Lang. And it won’t be Harry since he’s a “little more of the dreamer in this relationship.” As a Gemini, Emily needs her space and freedom, so she may not be able to give Harry a firm commitment. If she pulls back at times, “he might be sensitive to” that distance, Lang notes.

So while Harry and Emily are surely having fun—which they both deserve after coming out of long-term relationships—whether or not this fling will turn into something more exclusive remains up for debate.

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