Harry Potter: Original Stars Reveal Who’d They Play in TV Reboot

The Malfoy family in the Harry Potter films.
The Malfoy family in the Harry Potter films.
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Actors Jason Isaacs and Matthew Lewis, who played Lucius Malfoy and Neville Longbottom in the Harry Potter film series, respectively, recently revealed the characters they’d be interested in playing in the upcoming television reboot.

During the Harry Potter panel at MegaCon Orlando (via People), the actors were asked if they had any desire to appear in the Harry Potter reboot, and if so, as which fan-favorite character.

Isaacs decided to go with one of Lucius’ old enemies, the CG-created character Dobby the house elf, “because you don’t have to go to makeup,” joking that he could “just waltz in [during] the middle of the day, have a cup of coffee” and “steal the whole scene.”

As for Lewis, he pondered the question for a bit, initially answering that he had “no idea” who he’d play. “It’s very difficult as well because everyone just did such a wonderful job [in the films],” the actor explained. “I genuinely don’t think there’s anyone that I would want to even attempt to play.”

Who would Matthew Lewis play in the Harry Potter reboot?

However, after thinking over the question some more, Lewis decided that, since he was “too old to play Neville again,” he’d want to portray Remus Lupin, Harry’s Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher in the third book/film Prisoner of Azkaban. The actor explained that he based his answer “purely on when I read the books,” revealing that the “character I enjoyed was Professor Lupin.”

Lewis noted that it would be tough to succeed “the incomparable David Thewlis” in the role, but that “If I was to have a go, that would be one that I’d do.”

Harry Potter is coming to streaming

Warner Bros. announced a series adaptation of J.K. Rowling‘s Harry Potter series for its streaming service, Max, in April 2023. The forthcoming series has already received a seven-season order, with the plan to adapt one book per season. Rowling is attached to the Harry Potter TV reboot as an executive producer along with Neil Blair and Ruth Kenley-Letts.

The series is currently receiving pitches from writers, with Deadline reporting that Succession writer Francesca Gardiner is one of three finalists in the running to adapt the best-selling novels to television.

The Harry Potter reboot series will stream exclusively on Max.