The Harry Potter movies are jumping from HBO Max to Peacock again next month

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A Hogwarts replica
A Hogwarts replica

The most fun part of there being so many different streaming services, aside from the way they regularly jack up prices, is the never-ending game of trying to figure out which thing is on which service in any given month. Sometimes it seems obvious—Disney stuff is on Disney+, Warner Bros. stuff is on HBO Max—but that’s not always the case, like with the Spider-Man movies and the Harry Potter series. Where are any of those in a given month? Nobody knows!

Well, we know where the Harry Potter movies are at least, because it’s not where they’ll be at the end of August. As noted by Variety, the original eight Harry Potter movies will soon be leaving HBO Max and going to Peacock, just like a Hogwarts student leaving for the summer and going back to their weird patchwork homes or closets under the stairs… or, you know, like the previous time this exact thing happened with the Harry Potter movies.

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The series was one of the selling points for HBO Max when it launched in 2020, but after a few months the movies all took Mr. Weasley’s flying Ford Anglia over to Peacock (presumably because of some longstanding rights agreement, since they are WB movies) where they remained until last summer when they moved back to HBO Max using a Time-Turner or some other more appropriate Harry Potter reference (we only know so many).

On August 31, though, they’ll be leaving HBO Max again and going back to Peacock again, much like how… the Triwizard Tournament returns every few years to kill off a few wizard students? (They’ll presumably be on Peacock on September 1, but the Variety story doesn’t specifically say that.) (They’ll also presumably be back on HBO Max at some point.)

There’s no need to worry, though, HBO Max users: There’s still a bunch of Harry Potter stuff on that platform that you can easily find without having to use the Marauder’s Map. The Fantastic Beasts movies are still on HBO Max, and they’re okay, right? Or, if you absolutely need Harry, Ron, and Hermione, there’s always the Return To Hogwarts reunion special. Granted, it actually features Daniel, Rupert, and Emma, but they’re close enough.

Also, we remembered this word while trying to recall other Harry Potter references, and so we’re going to include it here for no reason: Quaffle. It’s something related to Quidditch. And while we’re wrapping up the Harry Potter references: Trans women are women.