Harrison Ford Gave Some Great Advice to 'Star Wars' Costar Daisy Ridley

After Harrison Ford brought down the house at the Star Wars: The Force Awakens panel on Friday, he offered some words of advice to the younger members of the cast who are just embarking on their journey to a galaxy far, far away. “It’s too late for them,” said Ford (you can watch video of the interview above). “Life as they knew it is no longer possible.” He recounted a “serious conversation” he’d had with Daisy Ridley, who plays young heroine Rey (and Han Solo’s seat mate in the Millennium Falcon according to the new behind-the-scenes footage.) “I said, ‘Your life will change,” he remembered. “You’ll be by turns happy and delighted and employed. And then you’ll wonder what the hell happened every once in awhile.”

An obviously reflective Ford went on with some thoughts that seem to sum up the central challenge of his legendary career: “The natural state of the actor is to observe life around them. And now you have to figure out how to do that when all anybody’s looking at is you.”

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