Happy Superman Day:’ Director James Gunn Shares A Fun Tribute To The DC Hero On His Anniversary

 Superman in front of Daily Planet building on Action Comics #1000 cover.
Superman in front of Daily Planet building on Action Comics #1000 cover.

Were it not for Superman then the entirety of the comic book industry may not exist as we know it today. And if that hadn’t happened, the film industry would also be entirely different. While Superman may or may not be your favorite character, superhero fans owe him everything, and that makes today, the anniversary of the publication of the first Superman comic, a very special day. It's one that James Gunn and the cast of the upcoming Superman are celebrating right.

James Gunn posted a fun image to Instagram that shows himself, alongside two members of the Superman cast, new Lois Lane Rachel Brosnahan, and Supes himself, David Cornenswet, all buried in different Superman comic books. Hey, doing your research is certainly important.

It’s been clear from early on that James Gunn has a great respect for Superman and his origins in the comics. He’s almost certainly read the comic he’s looking at, probably several times. Whether or not Brosnahan and Corenswet are normally big comic book readers, it’s a safe bet they’ve read, and are currently reading, their share of Superman books as part of their preparation for their roles.

Both Gunn and Corenswet are looking at older issues of Action Comics, while Brosnahan is gazing at Grant Morrison’s All-Star Superman. The cover image of that book has been used frequently as part of the promotion of Gunn’s movie, and the director has not hidden that the book has been influential in his version of the Man of Steel. Although Gunn has mentioned other Superman books that have influenced the film as well.

As far as what the new film will be about, from a story perspective, there have been many rumors, which James Gunn has spent a not inconsiderable amount of time debunking. We know that Nicholas Hoult is on board as the new Lex Luthor, and he will be the main villain of the story. Several other DC heroes and villains are also in the movie, as Superman will be the first entry in James Gunn’s Gods and Monsters Chapter 1 of the new DCU.

Fans are certainly excited about the new Superman movie. They have been clamoring to see more now that the movie is in production. Specifically, there is a very strong demand to see what David Cornenswet will like in his Superman costume. However, with the Superman release date more than a year away, it’s likely going to be some time before we see too much from the production. Even this picture is careful not to give anything away, with the actors in their normal clothes, and the shot looking to be taken in a corner of a soundstage where we can’t see anything of note. Fans who were hoping for a big reveal of Superman Day may need to wait until Superman Day next year, which will only be about three months before the film is released.