This is what happens when you troll Wayne Brady on social media

On The Daily Show With Trevor Noah, Wayne Brady stopped by to talk about reprising his role as Lola in Kinky Boots but ended up whipping out his Facebook to put a recent internet troll on blast.

“I’m happy to be a black man playing this role that causes some people to have such problems with it,” Brady told Trevor Noah, before saying that he wanted to read a comment from his Facebook. Brady stated that it had made his day because it made him realize he was doing the right thing. He then read the comment out loud. “Wayne, are you actually gay?? Or do you just support gay and pride lifestyle? I’m guessing you’re gay!! Do you know what god says about laying with another man?” Brady interjected his responses as he clapped back, “No, because God didn’t tell me about my penis.” The comment, which was from a woman, included statements such as, “God gave everyone another chance after he flooded the Earth and people like you screwed up again,” and “You are going to have so much fun burning in torment in hell forever.”

Brady continued to slam his hater as he read the rest of her comment. He later posted on his Instagram: “If you know me, you know I have no patience for ignorance! Lol I started reading a Facebook message from a lady who told me I was gay and going to hell! Bring it baby!”

In the end, Brady brought it full circle by stating that the reason he is returning to the role of Lola is because he loves what she stands for. “Be yourself and, whoever you are, just be you and that’s the best that you can do.”

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