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It was a wish fulfillment night for Shondaland fans when Olivia Pope and Annalise Keating joined forces for a two-hour Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder crossover event.

On Scandal, Annalise approached Olivia seeking help with a class-action suit involving plaintiffs — mostly poor or minorities — who had been incarcerated as a result of underfunding for public defenders. Olivia initially turned Annalise down, but Olivia isn’t one to shrink from a challenge, and this was a case she couldn’t ignore. Surprisingly, the two didn’t hit it off very well and a lot of shade was thrown. Unsurprisingly, we were into it.

When Olivia cornered Annalise on coming to her for help, Annalise answered: “I thought you had a bite behind that bark. But instead I found a sidity phony who judged me from the minute she laid eyes on me. I’ve dealt with plenty of bougie-ass black women just like you. Spent most of your life in boarding school, Ivy League universities, with a horse between your legs and a silver spoon in your mouth.”

And when she asked Olivia to keep it real, Olivia responded, “You may think you know who I am and what I’m about, but don’t get it twisted. We are not the same. So allow me to reintroduce myself. My name is Olivia Pope. And I don’t have to explain myself to anyone. Especially you.” While the shade-throwing was fun, the beef was quashed when the ladies realized they were more effective working together than against each other. And as a team they were a force to be reckoned with.

Scandal ended with a victory for the two women when their class-action lawsuit not only made it onto the Supreme Court docket but was fast-tracked. On How to Get Away With Murder, minutes before Annalise was about to have the biggest moment of her life, she learned that Isaac overdosed and was in the hospital. The news sent her into a downward spiral. Luckily, she had Olivia to lift her up. “What you’re about to do is terrifying. I’m terrified for you. But, Annalise, this case chose you. So you need to pick yourself off of this floor and walk into that courtroom. Not for anybody else, but for you.”

Fans on Twitter were absolutely loving the crossover event, as they tweeted:

It really was the greatest two hours of television and, now that it’s over, we’re already dreaming of a new series starring Olivia and Annalise. Your move, Shonda Rhimes.

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